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Best wishes for the future Mrs.

No, not me.

On this rainy, foggy afternoon I (with all the help from my mum) hosted a bridal shower for my dear cousin Andrea, her family and closest friends.  It was a perfect day for a spring shower – the weather was the crappy and I defiantly didn’t want to be outdoors.

I went with a ‘high tea’ theme of cakes, coffee and tea to keep it simple, some punch (sans liquor) and lemon water. Her sister in-laws to be organized two simple games (thank goodness) I can plan a good event – but I’m not one for games and they did an awesome job.

Once the shower wrapped up the Court family switched gears and held Sunday supper for our family – since the hall was already rented it makes it easy to hold it at the church afterwards.



Andrea and I – hat made by her sister in-laws to be. They’re professionals.


This has to be my favorite photo from today.

The last time the three of us had a good photo taken was at our cousin Cheryl’s wedding – same church (family traditions die hard) 10ish YEARS ago. We see each other several times a year and there is no excuse for this.

As my MOH duties die down (for the most part – although I still need a dress) and the wedding day draws closer, I’m just hoping for a flawless and wonderful wedding day.

Cheers. *clink*

xoxo- Miss E