Monthly Archives: February 2016

Friday loves

High five for Friday folks! It’s here – and in Ontario it’s here and it’s the Friday of a long weekend. Hallelujah.

Here are five of my favourite links and some things that I love from around the internet and from my real life this week.

  1. This Oatmeal Banana Bread – inspired by JanaB I prepped this on Sunday.  10 outta 10 I would bake again.  Full disclosure I substituted chocolate chips instead of the optional raisins. #Obviously
  2. I love beautiful photos.  This Instagram account belonging to stephen mcmennamy combines photos in a beautiful way.
  3. Confession – I have never seen an episode of any Late Show, never mind the Late Late Show with James Corden which is on after midnight. Puhleaase (although I’m sure it’s great). Luckily one of his staffers posts his best work (IMO) on YouTube. Watch Adele, Justin and Elton sing their hearts out on carpool karaoke. Thank me later.
  4. TGIT – I’ve been a faithful Grey’s Anatomy lover for allll the years. But Scandal stole my heart this past Christmas break and I just can’t shake it.  That’s all.
  5. Both T and I were off sick this week. It hasn’t been pretty – luckily #OliverJames didn’t leave either of our sides. IMG_1552.JPG

Have a great weekend.

xoxo Miss E