Monthly Archives: January 2016

Show up

There is a huge percentage of success that begins with showing up…there must be, if not why show up in the first place?

I showed up to the gym six months ago and have since lost 20 pounds.  I ate well, worked hard and showed up. Every. Damn. Day.  It wasn’t easy.  It isn’t over.  I have no further weight loss goals (thus far) but my fitness goals are serious business and I have plans to accomplish each and every one of them in the next six months.

  • swim 1k sub 30
  • run 5k sub 30
  • try a tri (or something like that) I’m open to suggestions.

The Chic Site talks about showing up in life, at work, in the community and at home.  I need to work on showing up in different areas of my life and I will get there.  Look – here I am now, writing on my blog after 17 years…

I mean I can’t get much worse at showing up on my own blog once a year – let’s go for twice this year. K, guys?

xoxo Miss E

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