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Adventures of Mice and Men

As summer comes to a dwindling end, and fall fast approaching I thought I would update you on some of our recent adventures.

The cottage is undergoing the biggest renovations it’s seen to date, and if you’ve been up there this summer, you know you haven’t been spared. There are rooms to be built, drywall to be hung, outlets to install…what’s wrong unsure of what the point is of vapor barrier and tuck tape?  No problem – just ask… someone knows the purpose and reasoning behind it and will share it with you while you hold the ladder and pass them the exacto knife.

There seems to be a job for everyone and everyone has a job.

It all started this summer with raising the cottage – which was not an easy feat…  those of use that didn’t participate in climbing under the cottage should have appreciated that part…  I seem to remember a relaxing weekend back sometime in May. However, Uncle Rick and Uncle Lioney braved the mud dirt and mice and crawled under the cottage (who knew they were so NIMBLE!) in the dirt with jack stands (not to be confused with jack stud) and slowly but surly lifted the cottage off the rock it was living on for the past who knows how many years… What we do know is that the cottage is now lifted 3 feet or so the mice have to jump to get into the cottage – greatly decreasing the mice population.

The cement was poured and the base of the addition was constructed, walls were put up and the roof trusses were built.  The construction of this piece of the addition was the biggest and most visible part of the renovation so far, but now after last weekend the third and fourth bedroom have been erected.  Some bedroom furniture has moved into the luxury suite and it’s really coming together!  The living room has some finishing touches and the workshop in all it’s glory is not quite complete but it sure looks awesome.

Some before and during photos for your viewing pleasure…

Stay tuned for more updates… coming soon!

xoxo – miss E


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