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Wishlist Wednesday

02.25.2013 Wishlist Wednesday
  1. This Diane von furstenberg teal lace dress has been in my mind for long times.  I love the way this colour looks on my winter white skin tone all year round however, I think with the lace and everything, this would be best worn in the SPRING TIME.
  2. I’m obsessed with polka dots as of late.  Ok, maybe I only have a scarf and a skirt with polka dots but I know love when I see it.
  3. This Oversized t shirt in Coral (which is also HOT right now) looks extremely comfortable and not to brag (but it is MY blog) Coral is also a great colour on me.
  4. This ‘wishlist’ may mostly be just wishes BUT – I am ordering these Birkenstocks.  In glossy black to ensure they match the colours of my wardrobe.  I have a pair in silver which I LOVE but they are worn out.  I’ve replaced the bottom but the cork is so worn in it’s really terrible.  And they stink, I don’t need any stinky additions around my feet thank you very much.
  5. I have had these Ray-Bans have been on my wishlist for ever as well but every time I go to purchase them I cannot decide if I should get them in prescription or not.

So that’s all for now folks!  Around town I see pops of colour and soon (24 days) it will be spring and then we’ll be talking!

– Miss E