Monthly Archives: September 2012


Working Woman…

I have posted about this blazer here… AND I am wearing it again. It’s almost f a l l.. and the said blazer is linen which means once September hits it’s gonzo along with my whites. *boo hiss* Call me old fashioned.

I’m also wearing my infamous BCBG skirt that I ALWAYS receive a million compliments on to which I reply.. THANKS! (BCBG from Winners!) The skirt is swirly and fabulous, however I also ALWAYS feel self conscious in it as my legs are a mile long (thanks Dad!) and the skirt always swirls up… making me feel a little revealing. The compliments I receive always out do the insecurities I have with it but alas it’s not an item I wear all the time.


What do you think internets? To Short? Just Right?

Until we meet again,

– miss E